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Enterprise and project support

Enterprise and project support are both parts of the rural development programme. Enterprise support are meant to make it easier to start new businesses and develop rural enterprises. Project support are intended to help groups of people who want to work together to develop rural areas. Here you can read about the distribution of enterprise and project support in 2007 and 2008.

Almost two billion crowns to enterprise and project support

During the first two years of the rural development programme, 2007 and 2008, approximately SEK 1.1 billion (including advances) went to enterprise and project support. This sum includes other public co-financing.

During the same period of time, the Board of Agriculture had SEK 2.9 billion to distribute on those forms of support. The money not used in 2007 and 2008 can be used later during the programme period.

The county administrative boards, the Sami Parliament and the Board of Agriculture are the ones who decide what kind of measures are to receive priority. They base those decisions on their own strategies. They also decide which support applications to accept.

Money for new farmers, tourism and skills acquisition

In the right-hand column you can find more information about the distribution of enterprise and project support so far. Graphs will show you how much of their budget the various authorities have spent. The amounts refer to money granted, but not all of it has been paid yet. You can also see the amounts of money spent on various measures, like setting-up aid or support for diversification, tourism or skills acquisition.

The authorities make support decisions continuously, and the total amount of money granted increases steadily. However, there are large differences between counties and between measures. For the entire programme period 2007-2013 it is likely that applications will match the distribution of the budget fairly well.

Few people apply for support for cooperation within the green sector

There are a few minor measures that have caused very few support applications. The measure that has used of the least of its budget concerns cooperation within the green sector. This measures is new, and there has been uncertainty about its application. This has made it hard to provide the target group with information about the measure. Another measure with little participation is infrastructure support.

The Board of Agriculture wants to increase interest in these two measures. Among other things, we have provided information about the kind of activities that can be done within those measures. More information is needed, in particular to the target groups that are suited for the measure. You can find more information about cooperation projects in the brochure in the right-hand column (in Swedish only).

Several Local Action Groups (LAG) have also begun to distribute money to project support.

Do you want to know who has received support?

You can find out who has received support from the rural development programme by clicking on the link Who has received support in the right-hand column. There you can find the name of any person who has received support, and how much money they got.

The page you reach if you click that link is in Swedish. Please click on the English flag to change languages.

Last updated: 2011-08-23