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Enterprise Support

There are Many Forms of Support for Enterprises in Rural Areas

If you start an enterprise in the countryside or if you wish to improve your enterprise, you can apply for enterprise support. There are several different forms of enterprise support. The different forms of enterprise support are:
  • Setting-up support
  • Investment support
  • Support to buy services
  • Support for skill-acquisition
Here we explain what you can receive support for. Further down on this page you can see how much money you can get and what you must do when you apply for enterprise support.

This is Enterprise support

You can apply for enterprise support the first time you start an enterprise that works with agriculture, horticulture or reindeer herding.

You can also apply for setting-up support if you start such an enterprise together with others, or if you take over such an enterprise from someone else. You must be younger than 40 years old the day the application reaches us.

You must apply for the setting-up support within 1 year after you have established the enterprise.

Establishing the enterprise means that:

  • You own or are part-owner of the enterprise.
  • The enterprise is running.
  • You are responsible for running the enterprise.
  • You work in the enterprise.

This is Investment Support

To invest means that you place your money to make your enterprise better.This can, for example, mean that you are going to build new buildings, rebuild or buy new machinery and other equipment. When you are going to place money in your enterprise you can apply for investment support.

This is Support for Purchasing Services

You can apply for support when paying another person who helps you improve your enterprise or your product. This is called support for purchasing services.

You can apply for the support if you improve your enterprise or your product within other areas than agriculture and processing of agricultural products.

This is Support for Skill-acquisition

Do you wish to increase your skills on how to improve your enterprise within the areas of finance, production and environment? Then you can apply for skill-acquisition support. You may also do that when your staff needs to improve in something, for example if they are to attend a marketing course.

This is the Amount of Money you can receive

In every County there is a plan.

In the plan it is specified the most important activities to invest money in within the County where you live and that you may receive money for.

In the plan, the County Administrative Board may specify a limit as to how much money you can receive. The plan is called an implementing strategy.

You may receive no more than 250 000 Crowns in setting-up support. Concerning the investment support and support for purchasing services you may receive no more than a maximum of 30 percent of the costs eligible for support.

If your enterprise is situated in Northern Sweden you may receive no more than 50 percent in support.

Concerning skill-acquisition support you may receive between 20 and 100 percent of the costs eligible for support.

You may not receive support for costs you have had before the application of enterprise support has been received.

This is how you apply for Enterprise Support

First you send the form Application for Enterprise Support. If you are eligible for support you will be informed.

When you have paid the costs you must apply for money to cover the costs. You do this in the form Application for Payment of Enterprise Support. You may apply for support several times.
On the right-hand side of the web page you will find the links to the forms. Click on the form you are interested in. Note that forms and instructions are in swedish only.

Do you want to learn more about Enterprise support?

There is more to read about Enterprise Support on the Board of Agriculture´s website. On the right-hand side of the web page there is a link to more information. That information is not in English. You may also call to your County Administrative Board or to the Sami Parliament and ask about enterprise support. On the right-hand side of the web page there is a link to the County Administrative Board. Click on it and search for the County where you live.

On the right-hand side of the web page there is also a link to the Sami Parliament website.


Last updated: 2013-11-21