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Private individuals bringing plants across the Swedish border

There are many plants and plant products that you may bring to or from Sweden without any special licence. For other plants you need a certificate or a permit (phytosanitary certificate, plant passport or import permit). There are also some plants you must not bring to Sweden at all.
Similar rules apply to insects and other organisms that may cause serious damage to plants. There are also rules on transport of soil and similar products used in cultivation.
The purpose of these rules is to prevent serious plant pests, meaning harmful insects and diseases, from spreading into new areas.

Most rules apply both to private individuals and commercial actors

Most rules apply irrespective of whether you are a commercial actor or a private individual moving plants for your own reasons. You should therefore consult our pages on trade in plants within Sweden and the EU, and on import of plants and seeds from non-EU countries.
For instance, both private and commercial actors need to comply with the rules on endangered species and the rules on phytosanitary certificates and plant passports. On the other hand, there are certain differences when it comes to which plant species you need a plant passport for. Here are lists of which plants you need a plant passport for.

The rules apply even if you send plants by mail or freight goods

The rules that apply when you bring plants or plant products with you on your journey, also apply to goods you send by mail or some other form of transport.
Since in this case you will not be present when the goods arrive at the customs office, you need to find some other way to make sure that any necessary licence is available when the goods are inspected by customs and by the Board of Agriculture. You can send the documents to the relevant customs office if you are unable to go there yourself.
It is important that you apply for any necessary licence well in advance, otherwise the goods may have to remain at the customs office.

In some cases you do not need a certificate

You do not need a phytosanitary certificate for plants from European countries that are not EU members, in the following situations:
  • you carry the plants in your cabin baggage and they weigh no more than 2 kg
  • you are moving your entire household and plants are among the goods being transported

You may also be granted an exception for plants that are to be planted in the border area between Sweden and Norway, provided that the plants were grown in that area.
Please contact the Board of Agriculture if you need further clarification. The exceptions mentioned here do not apply to potatoes or citrus fruit.

Last updated: 2009-09-08