Jordbruksverkets startsida

Import from listed countries outside EU

Countries outside EU which are considered to have a functional control system for rabies are called listed countries outside EU.  The amount of rabies in these countries varies substantially. To the right is a link to a site where you can see the different groups and lists of countries. The requirements for bringing a dog, cat or ferret to Sweden from a listed country outside EU are described below. Please observe that there are special requirements for dogs and cats from Malaysia.


Vaccination against rabies

Certificate for up to five pets

Examination and certificate for pets in groups of six or more animals

Examination and certificate for trade and freight animals

Entering from outside EU directly to Sweden

Entry points: Stockholm/Arlanda and Gothenburg/Landvetter

Border inspection control of trade animals and groups of more than five pets

Customs control of pet animals

Entry via another EU country

Dogs that stay permanently must be registered

Last updated: 2014-06-23