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Circus animals

Request inspection by the County Administrative Board

Before the first performance of the season the circus is to be inspected by the County Adminstrative Board. You need to request inspection no later than 14 days before the first performance.

If you replace animals or equipment of significant effect on animal welfare or health at the circus, a new inspection must be carried out. You have to report such changes to the County Adminstrative Board in the county where your circus currently is.

The County Administrative Board may also come to inspect the circus when the season has already started.

If serious or repeated irregularities are detected at an inspection, the circus may be banned from begining or continuing its tour.

Draw up a tour plan, a training plan and an animal record

You need a tour plan for the coming  month. This tour plan is handed over to the County Administrative Board during their inspection. If the plan changes, you need to report this to the Board that handled the inspection.

You need a plan for how the animals are to be trained.

You need to make sure that a record is kept of all the animals at the circus. This record shall show, among other things, any diseases and injuries and how they have been treated. Dates for care of hooves are also to be recorded. You need to keep the record for at least three years.

Study the animal welfare rules and abide by them

You must not demand more of the animals than they have the physical and mental capacities to handle. If an animal has had an injury or a disease that required veterinary care, you need to subject the animal to veterinary inspection before putting it back on the show.

Circus animals shall every day get the opportunity to move freely outdoors, unless the wheather is extremely bad. They are to have a dry and clean place to lie down, and find shade if they need it.

The animals must not be to troubled by visitors, and must not be on public display while tethered.

For more details, please consult the regulations in the right-hand column.

You may only use certain species
You must not use the following species

  • monkeys and apes
  • predators (except dogs and cats)
  • seals (except sea-lions)
  • rhinos
  • hippos
  • deer (except reindeer)
  • giraffes
  • kangaroos
  • birds of prey
  • ratites
  • crocodiles.
Last updated: 2015-09-10