Jordbruksverkets startsida

Our service commitment

Our service commitment tells you what you can expect from us and what you can do to make our work easier.

What you can expect from us


• On the web

The English version of our website provides information about some of our fields of activity.

• On the phone

Our Customer Service will help you if you have questions about for instance rules, current events and deadlines. If you need help in matters that require judgements or evaluations, or that apply to a specific dossier, you will be referred to a competent administrative officer.

• Via e-mail  

If you ask a question via e-mail and we are unable to answer right away, you will within 24 hours get confirmation that we have received your question.

• Via letter

If you ask questions in a letter, we usually reply within five working days.

• Your case  

How long it takes us to handle a particular case depends on the nature of the matter. If we are unable to process your case within a few working days you will get confirmation that we have received it as well as information about who to contact if you have any questions.

• Public documents

You always have the right to see public documents. For more information, please contact us.

• Ordering publications

The easiest way to get forms and publications is to use this website. You can also order by phone. You will normally receive the ordered materials within four days. However, most publications are available only in Swedish.

What we expect of you

If we are to live up to our commitment, we need you to
  • check our website for information
  • read any information we send to you
  • submit complete and correct data
  • provide additional data when necessasry
  • submit the information on time.

Your opinion is important!

You are always welcome to contact us and let us know what you think. Our Customer Service is there for you. Please e-mail or call - the addresses and numbers you need are in the box to the right.